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Getting Ready for 2019

12/16/18... A.F.F.S. "News in the NET" from Sunny S.W. Florida.. Fly Fishing Event information. This week I finalized the "Pond" schedule for the GARDEN STATE SPORTSMEN SHOW  (the largest annual one of its kind in the N.Y.C.  Metropolitan Area)  and forwarded it on to Rick at the O.S.G. office for his use in promoting the Show. GSOS is our traditional kick off to promoting A.F.F.S. at Events we attend throughout the year and around the Country.  Some good things to announce now and a few more to come (hopefuly) by the time our first Show day happens on Thursday  1/10.  The A.F.F.S. Organization is about to try a new growth strategy in 2019 that I can hardly wait to put into operation. It is based on a different way to think about retailing products and promoting services in the "online" world of commerce, that is for better or worse, todays reality.  The fact is that Internet sales are eating the traditional brick and mortar stores alive.  Even sadly, some of the best fly shops ever (the keyword here is "some").  It's one thing to order a new fly rod, reel, kayak, fishing boat, etc. that you know suits your style and purpose for it because you have test cast or paddled it already or better yet used  one on a fishing trip.  It's another thing to just order it online from a picture/description and customer reviews.  If it does not suit you, then simply return it to the manufacturer/retailer and let them worry about what to do with it.  In todays world that is what a lot of consumers and even retailers think is O.K. to do. "Just the cost of doing business for merchants and manufacturers to swallow in todays marketplace"?  Well that can only last to a certain point before it sinks a retailer or a manufacturer. Ever wonder what happened to some of them you used to like?  Kind of similar to the concept that all College education should be FREE to every student. It only can work in some paralel universe where everything is Free, but not here on Earth.       

A.F.F.S. has participated in as many flyfisher attended events in over 30 years as probably any Organization has.  Our one of a kind, A.F.F.S. Rolling Fly Shop / Arts trailer was the first ever over 10 years ago and it still is a commanding presence wherever it appears.  So the concept of "pop up" Shops is nothing new to us. Now we plan to take our "Way Ahead of its time vehicle" and utilze it to its maximum effectiveness pulled by our newly acquired Motor Home/ Road Office.  This coupled with the newest and best yet edition of our "SIMUL-CAST" Small Watercraft and Fly Casting Pond delivers consumer education, product awareness and brand building capability like nothing else any place. It's the perfect link between brick and mortar Fly Shops and Online Stores that can be set up temporarily any place

One of my long time goals has been to partner A.F.F.S. with top rising manufacturers of innovative products that flyfishers can use in our sport.  I'm very pleased to be able to announce that I have recieved recent comittments from BATTLEWAGON fishing boats and TOHATSU OUTBOARD MOTORS  that both these Companies will be helping to support our Organization by featuring their products in our seminars and fly fishing activities starting January 1st. I am currently reaching out to and discussing additional partnership / sponsorship opportunities with several other types of manufacturers of fly fishing products to offer them the strong opportunities for promotional exposure that A.F.F.S. can provide them.  We plan to combine all of this, into a "road show tour" of Pop Up locations at Events throughout the U.S. and Canada. If you have a product or service that fly fishers should see and or learn about, then contact us to discuss it.    

12/6/18..  Things have started to move along a lot more this past week and it now brings me to the point where I booked a flight to Jersey for January 3rd to exhibit A.F.F.S. at the GARDEN STATE OUTDOOR SPORTSMEN SHOW January 10 - 13th and then get my  new "Not So New" Motor Home and pull our Show trailer with it back down here to Florida to do some needed repairs on it and unload a ton of equipment and the last load of household goods that I have packed in it from our house sale in Jersey.  I had been speaking with Show promoter Dan Kenney this Fall about his 2019 Show season. Dan wanted to bring our full exhibit into his new Show at the Foxwoods Casino this February but available space constraints in the venue has not permitted it. We certainly have enjoyed working with Dan in the past at his Massachussetts Shows and we look forward to doing some other events with him in the future. We certainly want to return to the  New England area to exhibit A.F.F.S. and work with some of our affiliated Guides and Lodge partners again.  If any one reading this has a contact with an Event/ Show Promoter in New England that would like to discuss the A.F.F.S. exhibit programs, please let me know. 

I have confirmed with Rick Rosalina, President of O.S.G. to use our 30' A.F.F.S. Pop Up Tent Exhibit at the Garden State Outdoors Show this January and at the Chicago and Milwaukee Shows in March. We will be exhibiting at a lot more Events such as Boat Shows, Art Festivals and Fishing Tournaments in Florida during 2019 now that Bill and Barb Haldaman are located here. Our "New" older  Motorhome will be the A.F.F.S. mobile office for many of our future events once we have completed rigging it up inside with all the fly fishing and video tech equipment,  We also plan on giving it a new graphics facelift to compliment the A.F.F.S. Show trailer it will be towing to certain events. FIND OUT MORE AND VIEW SOME PICS

I have just confirmed today that we will have 2 or 3 new BATTLEWAGON BOATS skiffs at the 2019 GSSOS to display and exhibit with for our demos at and in the A.F.F.S. SIMUL-CAST POND.  We are certainly pleased to be kicking off a great new advertising/sales partnering opportunity with Christian Del Collo, President of BATTLEWAGON BOATS INC.  Christian will be on hand at our exhibit during the Show to answer all your questions about his great line of custom built in New Jersey skiffs. The 3 current models include the 12' "MUDDY DUCK" designed for waterfowlers and all estuary lovers that

love to explore the "shallow waters" in comfort and safety. The 13' "Skinny Water Skiff", purpose built and rigged for fly and light tackle anglers fishing from the Salty Bays , Creeks and Back Waters or Freshwater Lakes and Rivers. The  18' "Battle Wagon", capable of safely  handling the often rougher waters of Open Bays, Rivers, Inlets and the Inshore Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico.   If your in the N.Y.C. area come out and see us, forget about winter and enjoy the Show. 

Bill Haldaman is selling his 5th wheel camper that is a really nice unit for someone to enjoy. I have it listed on Craig's list and Let Go here in Florida and posted on all the major online sites for selling RV's nationwide, Through our association with a marketing network for RV's, Boats, Campers and Trucks. As part of our operations here in Florida A.F.F.S. has now launched its full service brokerage/ sales operations. We have located this new component of our operations at a private 24 hour gated storage facility in N. Fort Myers where my good friend Mike the "Mechanic" CiCi has his service shop onsite. This allows us to offer complete mechanical service including welding, painting, electrical, cabinetry, A/C, custom canvas and carpeting installations in addition to professional general mechanical repair work for our clients. We now have full access to realistic financing for prospective buyers and transport shipping to all 48 States and most of North America if required. 

Bill Haldaman's 5th wheel Camper   $29,000 NOW reduced to $25,500 or make a good offer and see what he says.

Beautiful condition OPEN RANGE 2014 5th wheel camper with many options including 2 motorized bump outs, A.C. - Heat, furniture, upgraded beds and much more. Call or text me for an appointment to see it. You will not be disappointed with this EZ tow "lightweight model" with lots of heavy-duty features. Price has some room for negotiation so come take a look and talk about it. You will need a pickup, 150 series or higher, with a 5th wheel hitch. Short beds are O.K. for hauling this unit. 1500 / 2500 series or greater are recommended for towing this unit. Installation of a new 5th wheel system on your truck is available with our onsite mechanic for a very reasonable charge if you need such service to get set up to haul it. Full financing is available with Extended Warranty availability. Nationwide Shipping from Florida is available. Call Capt. Mike for full information on these services. 

If you have an RV, Pick-Up, SUV, Boats, Camper, Utility Trailer, Motorcycle, Snow Mobile, ATV, Custom Golf Cart, Kayaks, Fly Fishing Equipment or whatever and wherever and you want some help to sell it. We are available at the lowest possible costs to get it done. Phone or Text us any time at 732-267-0058

Tuesday, August 7, 2018




"Cap's Rant of the day" 

After a week into this month, I finally have gotten around to posting about our water situation again. The fly fishing scene is not all that we hoped it would be this Fall.  Here in S.W. Florida as most of you know we were hit with a double "whammy" of Green Algae and Red Tide "blooms" this summer.  The word from the Executive Fishing and Boating Industry Committee to the Florida incumbent Governor Scott in office in 2017  at ICAST was "You fix this Okeechobbe / Everglades water problem or start looking for a different line of occupation than a politician, as you will not be elected even as a dog catcher any place in this State. Well, a year came and went along with another ICAST this Summer and the situation became far worse than last year.  UPDATE: Scott has been elected U.S. Senator and says he will get our water problems resolved while in office in D.C. mmmm? Our new Governor now is  Ron DeSantis (R) who narrowly defeated Andrew Gillum (D) a Socialist Democrat strongly allied with Bernie Sanders. DeSantis has pledged to fix the problem! mmmm? We shall see.   The Boards of Elelections here managed to make Florida once again, the State that can't count votes very well.  It's now December and though the Algae bllooms are down they are not gone completely in the Caloosahatchie and Red Tide is still busy killing manatees, dolphins, fish and even birds here last week. The T.V. media to their credit has stayed focused on this while the local "beach biz"  owners and Organizations are spining their fairy tales and promoting with Ads to "Come On Down"saying every thing is just fine. Meanwhile the local County promotional Organizations are trying to get tourists and residents to be more interested in attending non water related events like the Nutcracker and Garden Tours. Never mind all that "beach fuss" Come On Down.  The glimmer of real hope in November was that work on the massive new water impoundment and treatment reservoir under construction out below Lake Oceechobie began but then some legal snags were quickly thrown into the project by none other than U.S. Sugar Corporation that have brought the project to a quick HALT there.  You can read all the puke details with some pics if you care to stomach it below.

Any way we will now have to wait and see what action, if any by our elected officials will take to get this "fixed".  My pessimistic side tells me it may be "fixed" already in the same manner as was the case in Hudson County, N.J. where I grew up as a kid.

Find out more and view some pics