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This coming year A.F.F.S. is traveling the Country to bring Fly Fishing and Small Watercraft POP UP SHOPS to Events  like Fishing Tournaments,  Art Shows, Sportsmen - Fishing, Hunting  & Boat Shows , Sporting Clubs, Retail Locations and other Events where Outdoor Sports Enthusiasts gather . Watch for a date and place near you and plan on attending.  

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Today we have expanded our first trips to Alaska and the Bahamas into successful destinations in Latin America, Canada, Caribbean, Bermuda, Hawaii  and soon into Europe and Asia. As we continue to grow our list of great fishing destinations for trips lasting a couple of hours to a couple of days depending on the Ships itineraries and the desires of our clients. We have trips available for Bonefish to Billfish, Trout to Tarpon, Stripers to Salmon and many other species..

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2/16 - 17

W. Palm Beach FL.

A.F.F.S. Display




2/22 - 24

Exhibition Center - Oaks, PA.

A.F.F.S. Display


1/23 - 27

Javitts Center, New York City


1/25 - 27

N.J. Convention Center - Edison , N.J.


1/10 - 13

N.J. Convention Center - Edison , N.J.


This is the best and easiest way to make that Fly Fisher or person that wants to become one smile. D


This is the best and easiest way to make that Fly Fisher or person that wants to become one smile. Do it with a special gift from you. They are available for all A.F.F.S. activities including Fly Casting Lessons, Guided Fishing Trips, Fly Tackle from our online Fly Tackle and Gear at our SEA LEVEL FLY SHOPS or even a "CRUISE & CAST" voyage.  Whatever you want to give.  In whatever price range.  A.F.F.S. Gift Certificates can be "last minute" downloaded (call us for directions on that procedure) from right here on the website or mailed by us to you or the recipient with specialized literature involving your selected product or service. 

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Argentina  - NEW In 2019 INQUIRE 

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This is the best and easiest way to make that Fly Fisher or person that wants to become one smile. Do it with a special gift from you. They are available for all A.F.F.S. activities including Fly Casting Lessons, Guided Fishing Trips, Fly Tackle from our online Fly Tackle and Gear at our SEA LEVEL FLY SHOPS or even a "CRUISE & CAST" voyage.  Whatever you want to give.  In whatever price range.  A.F.F.S. Gift Certificates can be "last minute" downloaded (call us for directions on that procedure) from right here on the website or mailed by us to you or the recipient with specialized literature involving your selected product or service. .




Sunday January 28th 2018

 Some comments, observations and results from this months activities @ A.F.F.S.  Our trip to New Jersey for the 2019 G.S.O.S. Show was a mixed bag of accomplishments and some disappointments.

The good certainly outweighed some of the negatives, so thinking positively and reporting on these developments is first and foremost. I was assisted greatly at the Show by our two new major product sponsors..  Christian DelCollo, President of BATTLEWAGON BOATS,  that was with me before, during and after the Show that provided us with 2 BATTLEWAGON BOATS small skiff models to conduct seminars with and display in and next to our A.F.F.S. SIMUL-CAST Pond Exhibit. Pics and commentary on this can be found by clicking the links to our Social Media sites. During the 4 days of the Show, Christian and I worked out most of the details for construction of a new 2019 model based on his skiff design and my fly fishing accessory modifications  for delivery this Spring.            As well as a couple of alternative ways to display, sell and use a BATTLEWAGON for some promotional fishing activities before the completion of my personal skiff. This is a boat that can certainly stand up to the demands of fly and light tackle fishing along the Back bays and waterways of the Northern arenas of saltwater fly fishing. This basically encompasses the Estuaries from Maine to the  Outer Banks. Certainly BATTLEWAGON Skiffs can and will be  successfully  used  by flyrodders in more Southern waters but I feel that certain design characteristics  of the CUSTOM GHENOE Skiffs in this "Micro" flats boat class, can be better suited to fly fishing in the South Carolina through Texas back waters.  Therefore A.F.F.S. will be working with both manufacturers  to help expand their sales in their respective marketplaces but this is not limited to their home water designs.

As for propulsion for our skiffs wether they are BATTLEWAGONS or CUSTOM GHEENOE models.  I am now pleased to announce the formal relationship partnering of A.F.F.S. with TOHATSU OUTBOARDS.  I was presented at the Show by Keith Vargen, Regional Sales Mgr. with a beautiful 2019 9.9 H.P. motor to use on whichever micro skiff BATTLEWAGON or CUSTOM GHEENOE that we are promoting at our Events this year. Our sponsor CUSTOM GHEENOE, Titusville, FL. is a long time pre rig supplier of TOHATSU outboards for their boats and I am pleased to now have helped BATTLEWAGON Boats to also become an authorized TOHATSU pre rig  supplier of motors for its customers that opt for the option to have a great turn key, boat/motor package that is ready for the water, direct from the factory.

As for the negative points from the trip, the worst turned out to be my disappointment in some of our membership that for various reasons decided not to participate at this years Event after I had their agreements to do so and the Show promoter had advertised their appearances. It caused some scheduling problems that were dealt with as best I could and ultimately those individuals made themselves look unprofessional and will probably not be eligible for future performances with this Show promoter. In my 30 plus years of delivering performances at Events i have always proscribed to this... WIKIPEDIA definition "The show must go on" is a phrase in show business, meaning that regardless of what happens, whatever show has been planned still has to be staged for the waiting patrons.

The other problem situation was with the NOT SO "NEW" A.F.F.S. Motor Home that would not keep running due to alternator wiring and thus cost me unplanned for rental van charges which caused me to have to leave New Jersey a week earlier then I planned on and then having to fly back to Florida instead of driving here. This caused me to miss attending the Fly Fishing Show and the New York Boat Show that I wanted to go to for some business developments. Not critical but annoying. Good news is the Motor Home is getting "treatment" by a good mechanic and will be brought South after next months Show in Philly if all continues along according to plan. We shall see ,so check back here for further details on this brand new Show and if we can pull  it all together quickly enough to participate in it...  

Christmas Eve. 2017..To all my readers that follow these posts.. Wishing you all the best at the peak of our Holiday Season where ever you are today.  I hope the winds are light and the skies are clear, unless you are a diehard steelheader.  In that case you probably are hoping for cloudy but a few degrees above freezing.  Here in S.W. Florida it will begin to get warmer today after our past week of temps that went way down into the forties.  It's been fun for me to be out shopping with the wife and watching people.  Our tourist and recent snowbirds from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Germany and all points far north are walking around in sandals, T-shirts and shorts while the  natives and Yankee transplants like us are wearing jackets, sweaters and long pants. A dead giveaway as to who's a local and who's not,  before they even start talking. Anyway, next week it will be back to around 80 F. by mid days.  Just the way me and the local fish like it.  Yep, Just before I have to board a plane to the cold North East.  But I'm looking forward to the Shows next month and seeing a lot of you again.. Wishing tight lines and leaders to everyone.  All the best to you from Me and the "Admiral".  Merry Christmas..  12/16/18...

 This week I finalized the "Pond" schedule for the GARDEN STATE SPORTSMEN SHOW and forwarded it on to Rick at the O.S.G. office for his use in promoting the Show. GSOS is our traditional kick off to promoting A.F.F.S. at Events we attend throughout the year and around the Country.  Some good things to now announce and a few more to come (hopefully) by the time our first Show day happens on Thursday  1/ 10.  The A.F.F.S. Organization is about to try a new growth strategy in 2019 that I can hardly wait to put into operation.  

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Bill Haldaman is selling his 5th wheel camper that is a really nice unit for someone to enjoy. I have it listed on Craig's list and Let Go here in Florida and posted on all the major online sites for selling RV's nationwide, Through our association with a marketing network for RV's, Boats, Campers and Trucks. As part of our operations here in Florida A.F.F.S. has now launched its full service brokerage/ sales operations. We have located this new component of our operations at a private 24 hour gated storage facility in N. Fort Myers where my good friend Mike the "Mechanic" CiCi has his service shop onsite. This allows us to offer complete mechanical service including welding, painting, electrical, cabinetry, A/C, custom canvas and carpeting installations in addition to professional general mechanical repair work for our clients. We now have full access to realistic financing for prospective buyers and transport shipping to all 48 States and most of North America if required." width="320"/>

Bill Haldaman's 5th wheel Camper   $25,500 or make an offer

Beautiful condition OPEN RANGE 2014 5th wheel camper with many options including 2 motorized bump outs, A.C. - Heat, furniture, upgraded beds and much more. Call or text me for an appointment to see it. You will not be disappointed with this EZ tow "lightweight model" with lots of heavy-duty features. Price has some room for negotiation so come take a look and talk about it. You will need a pickup, 150 series or higher, with a 5th wheel hitch. Short beds are O.K. for hauling this unit. 150 / 2500 series or greater are recommended for towing this unit. Installation of a new 5th wheel system on your truck is available with our onsite mechanic for a very reasonable charge if you need that service to get set up to haul it. Full financing is available with Extended Warranty availability. Nationwide Shipping from Florida is available. Call Capt. Mike for full information on these services. 

If you have an RV, Pick-Up, SUV, Boats, Camper, Utility Trailer, Motorcycle, Snow Mobile, ATV, Custom Golf Cart, Kayaks, Fly Fishing Equipment or whatever and wherever and you want some help to sell it. We are available at the lowest possible costs to get it done. Phone or Text us any time at 


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