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Capt. Mike demonstrating the use of his big stripping baskets for long range casts on his flats boat..
Florida Sportsmen and Women enjoying a fly fishing seminar by Capt. Mike Corblies



AMERICAN FLY FISHING SCHOOLS Is headquarterd in North Fort Myers, FL. 

located along shores of the beautiful Caloosahatchie River with direct access to the Gulf of Mexico.


2016  Classes

OUR A.F.F.S. Organization has grown so much
in the last couple of years that it requires me to travel
a lot. I am now teaching our sport or exhibiting A.F.F.S
services in  many new places. This means I am not able to hold
classes here in Florida as frequently as I would like to.

The good news is I have a very good group of local instructors
and others that visit us from near and far that come to Florida
 to enjoy the great fly fishing we enjoy here year round.
We now offer classes at 2 great South Florida locations for our students to learn the sport at.  Our original location outside Punta Gorda is a 5+ acre nature preserve called WOLF~GLEN that is the
residence of Jack Montague a nationally known F.F.F. Master
Fly Casting Instructor. 


Jack's facility features 3 well stocked ponds full of the largest Tilapia you will probably ever see any place. Tilapia which have been caught here have reached 12 pounds in weight. If you can imagine a Bluegill on steroids then that is how these fish fight on light fly tackle. 
More importantly they are fairly easy for beginners to hook and then learn how to be played correctly, landed and released with a fly rod under the watchful eyes of an expert  fly fisher that will coach you through the process. If you allready have some skills and experience in fly fishing and want to improve your game in line control, double hauling, mending, distance casting and other
techniques then spending some time with Jack Montague will improve your skills in many ways. Though this school facility is based on freshwater and techniques taught here is what the primary focus is on, Jack has caught many saltwater species including some very large tarpon, redfish, sea trout, bonefish and permit to mention just some of the species.  Jack can certainly advise you on all  the right  techniques, flies, gear and locations to be successful in the salt both locally and many other places. 


O.B.V. in North Fort Myers is a great spot to learn fly casting and the tidal River and Creek flyrodding techniques we use to
catch many of our popular Florida gamefish species.

Capt. Mike bases his Kayak Fishing Guide Service from this
location including his flats boat trips and larger center console boat trips. All our students that want to learn beach, kayak or
offshore flyrodding  techniques will take classes at O.B.V.
This allows us to offer additional classes that are
tailored to our students specific interests in our sport.
Not all students have an interest in climbing rocks or 
fly casting in the surf. Some are more in tune with wading the
usually calmer back bay waters in our sport. Other students
 are just the opposite and prefer the Oceanside. Some want to
experience it all. What ever your interest is, we can
provide the instruction, equipment and knowledge to get you
started correctly and enjoying it safely.     
 Of course as my schedule permits I will be there every time
I can.  So with this in mind: Between myself and our group of
pro instructors like Capt. Al Zlata of North Fort, Myers, Jack and others you can book a class or private lesson just about any
day of the year that is right
 for you.  I will list all the
s I am available, so check this Page now and then for updates. My own schedule is subject to change very quickly. Especially when good fishing opportunities are involved. I'm sure you understand..
Thank you and I'll see you in Class..


                             Classes are held at:
                       O.B.V. - N. Fort Myers


              WOLF~GLEN Nature Preserve 

                             Punta Gorda  
                               depending on the weather

                     Rain Days = Fly Tying Indoor Classes

                   Remember to check our Show dates on our                                  UPCOMING EVENTS PAGE and come to one and 

                   meet us there for a FREE casting lesson 
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Yes we can provide instructors for Corporate Groups1 to 50 students
just about
any day you like with our staff of instructors..
"Over the years we have given many private fly casting lessons and
the trend we have seen develop is for even
more interest in this.  We offer a program for this
service in addition to our regular open group classes. Myself and
all of our instructors have good spots near our homes where we can
spend an hour or two providing you a private casting lesson. Some of
our instructors are also available to travel to your location to provide
private lessons at a slightly higher fee to cover travel expenses".

1 Hour lesson $50
2 Hours $80
Travel re-imbursement .50 per mile if necessary

O.B.V. 6 Hour Classes  $200 includes all equipment needed.
Childen 12 - 16 half price
Lunch @ FISHERMENS PUB - N. Fort Myers or
Catered Lunch @ OBV Club House is included

FL. Office # 732-267-0058


2016 - 1 Day Group or

Private Class Dates

with Capt. Mike @ O.B.V.are currently in

 April, May



                         Dates are subject to change due to weather, fishing trips or Shows, etc.

Always call on the day before to confirm your class and to get
driving directions and meet up locations... 

We Offer Classes in both Salt and Fresh Water Fly Fishing


With over 50 Years of living both Fresh & Saltwater Fly Fishing  and half of that running the

first salt water fly fishing school created in New Jersey you know you are in experienced hands

 to begin learning this sport...




Capt. Mike Corblies (L) and Butch Colvin (R) The fathers of AMERICAN FLY FISHING SCHOOLS.
UPCOMING 2016 - N.J. & S.C. Class Dates
are POSTED !!
Stop by our CASTING POND featured at many 
Sportsman Events and get a FREE 
lesson to get you started.. Find out the available
dates on our UPCOMING EVENTS Page. We are also available for lessons in May in South 
Carolina at our freshwater & saltwater school.. Check out the information about that on our S.C. School & GROUP TRIPS Pages. We also have weekly dates available for 
our Bahamas Bonefish School. Find all the 
details on that at our "CRUISE & CAST" Page..  




Emphasis is on basic casting, knots, lines, leaders, equipment selection and lots of information on salt water flyrodding techniques. A day with us will provide you all the basic skills needed to start catching fish with the fly rod. Our students for the last 10 years have told us consistently that we do not charge enough money for the knowledge and experience we provide them. Many have made that statement to us after having attended some of the "Big" name Schools and have then come to us for "further instruction". We have been involved in the sport of saltwater flyroding for over 50 years..


The focus at this level is on distance casting and the use of shooting head systems for salt water

flyrodding and big freshwater situations. Student casting problems are video taped and worked on with your instructors advice. Custom shooting head systems (fly lines) are discussed and then tailored to the individual requirements..



We offer two different freshwater Classes locally. One for trout and salmon fishing in Rivers and

streams and the other for fly fishing in Ponds and Lakes for "Warm Water" fish. Each class is a half day (4 hour program) that introduces you to the fundamentals of fly fishing and the various flies used to catch gamefish. Hands on knot tying and tackle selection are explained in detail. The first half of the class is devoted to individual instruction in the basics of freshwater fly casting. The second half of the class is spent on the water learning the various techniques used for catching either trout or "warmwater species" like bass, bluegills, crappie, pickerel, carp and other species..



We charge $200 per student for our 6 hour Saltwater School which includes soft drinks,
water and snacks plus a full lunch at the OBV Cub House or FISHERMEN'S PUB in

North Fort Myers


You will need to bring either your bathing suit, waders, FL. salt water fishing license,

polarized sunglasses, sun block, insect repellant and appropriate clothing including a

waterproof jacket.


All the necessary fly fishing tackle and class equipment is provided by our gracious

sponsors and American Fly Fishing Schools. You should bring along any saltwater fly fishing gear you may already own for an evaluation of it during your class.



We prefer to have our students spend the time and the extra money it costs to take
freshwater lessons with our affiliated A.F.F.S. member instructors in northern locations.

We also offer great Group Trips to many of these locations during their respective fishing

seasons. Make some great new local friends interested in fy fishing and your accompanied by top pros throughout the trip to help insure your success. Our Northern States Schools are better prepared than we are for cold water fresh water species like trout. However we do offer on the water half day fresh water lessons here in Florida for students that do not want to travel right away and also for students that seek knowledge about our local fresh water lakes, ponds rivers and streams. We have great bass fishing, peacocks, bream, tilapia, shad, oscars, gars and many other species available to fly fish for here in Florida .  We charge $150 for these introductory classes.


Water, soft drinks and snacks are provided. You will need wading shorts or waders,

freshwater license, polarized glasses, sun screen, insect repellant and appropriate clothing

 (long sleeved shirts/jackets are best).