AMERICAN FLY FISHING.TV Featuring Stream guide Chip Jablonski.. Chip teaches us how to make

"lemonade out of lemons" when faced with a lot of competition on a stream.  Filmed in upstate

New York during a Fall spawning run of big Brown Trout on 18 Mile Creek. With some King, Coho Salmon

and Steelhead action as well. We just had to call this episode COMBAT FLY FISHING

It has had over 24,000 viewers on U-TUBE alone to date and has drawn some criticism from anglers

that don't like crowded stream conditions.  Guess what? Nobody likes crowded streams but that's

just the way it is some times in the North East.  We have even seen it get almost that bad out West on

occasion. The idea of this film is to show you how fishing pros can overcome the odds against them.

We hope you enjoy this 10 minute trailer cut from the DVD's.   If you want to see all of it including the fly

tying lessons from Chip that show you step by step how to easily tie up the patterns that work

great every  where you find trout.  Just visit our A.F.F.S. FLY SHOP to order the 2 DVD set for just $20..

You can also get it for FREE when you book a trip through us with Chip any where he guides in N.Y., PA. or


This week on FLY FISHING SCHOOL TV we are featuring A.F.F.S. member guide Chip Jablonski with some friends and clients fishing for big brown trout plus salmon and steelhead on 18 Mile Creek in New York.. This 10 minute trailer gives you a little taste of what's on the 2 video DVD set.. A 2 hour movie length video of fly fishing action and solid information. It includes detailed fly tying instruction of Chip's original patterns that are used in the film.. This will help you beat the odds in crowded stream conditions or out there all alone just you and the fish.. The DVD set will be available soon at the A.F.F.S. FLY SHOP for just $19.. Enjoy the Show and then go fly fishing.. If you have a good idea for a new video that you would like us to film please contact us any time with your suggestions..

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New Jersey A.F.F.S. member guide Mike McCauliffe takes Television host Blaine Mengel of 

BACKWOODS ANGLER to the Pequest River to learn to fly fish. Mike shows him just how simple

it can be to catch trout on the fly when you know how to do it.

A.F.F.S. members Captain Mike Corblies, Capt. Al Zalata and freshwater Guide Mike

McCauliffe set out for a "day off" to look for some very late season weakfish

action on a cold Fall morning on Barnegat Bay. Are there many of these fish left?

If they should return in 2013 here is how to catch yours..