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Capt. Mike demonstrating the use of his big stripping baskets for long range casts on Barnegat Bay to catch Spring Bluefish...
Capt. Mike Corblies (L) and Butch Colvin (R) The fathers of AMERICAN FLY FISHING SCHOOLS.

We Offer Classes in both Salt and Fresh Water Fly Fishing


With over 50 Years of living both Fresh & Saltwater Fly Fishing and half of that running the first Salt Water fly fishing school created in New Jersey you know you are in experienced hands to begin learning this sport...


Classes are held throughout Ocean County including Capt. Mike's home base in Island Heights, Island Beach State Park and on the Toms and Manasquan Rivers 


We meet at a convenient arranged spot for students here in Ocean County then we take a short drive to a fishing location either salt or freshwater for your class.


Fly tying  and Intermediate caster classes (custom shooting head building)  are held at the A.F.F.S. Fly Arts Trailer Shop located in Island Heights.



New Jersey though one of the smallest states and the highest population density, amazes

every one that comes and spends some time on it's waters.  From pretty mountain creeks

and the mighty Delaware River in the north west part of the state to the beautiful Atlantic

Beaches or the quiet Pinelands in the south. There are lots of places to fish and to learn fly fishing.


AMERICAN FLY FISHING SCHOOLS Is based in Island Heights, N.J.

located along the beautiful shore of Barnegat Bay.  One of the "fountains" of American saltwater fly 

fishing history.

Captain Mike Corblies

2017  Classes
Available NOW daily through September 30th
with Captain Mike

Our A.F.F.S. Organization has grown so much
in the last couple of years that it now requires me to travel
a lot. I am now teaching our sport or exhibiting A.F.F.S
services in  many new places.  
The good news is that I now have a very good group of instructors
that are available at the Jersey Shore to step right in
and teach these Classes when I am not around. Of course I will
be there every time I can. So with that in mind you can book a
or private lesson from April until December just about any
day that is
good for you.  I will list all the
s I will be available myself, as often as possible so check
this Page no
w and then for updates. My own schedule is
subject to change very quickly. Especially when good fishing opportunities are involved. Thank you, Capt.Mike           


                             Classes are held at:
        Island Heights & I.B.S.P. NEW JERSEY
              depending on the weather

               Remember to check out our Show dates on the 
                                        UPCOMING EVENTS Page

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Richard King
Paul Healy
Capt. John Isdanavage
Chip Jablonski 
Ricky Wolbert
Mike McCauliffe
John Collins
Capt. Chris Goldmark
Allan Johnson
Bart Lombardo
Capt. Dan Schafer

Me when I am here in Jersey..
Yes we can provide instructors for up to 50 + students (Special Events)
perfectly suited for Corporate events a private Clubs) just about 
any weekend you like with our large staff of professional instructors..
"Over the years we have given many private fly casting lessons and
the trend we have seen growing is for even
more interest in this.  We now offer a program for this
service in addition to our regular open group classes. Myself and
all of our instructors have good teaching spots near our homes 
                 where we can spend an hour or two providing you a casting 
  lesson.  Some of our instructors including myself are also available
 to travel to your location to provide private lessons at a slightly 
higher fee to cover travel expenses".

1 Hour lesson $50
2 Hours $80
Travel reimbursement .50 per mile beyond 10 miles both ways

4 Hour Group Class or Private Instruction at our normal teaching 
locations is $150 p.p. that includes Lunch @ Fly Fishing's Historic 
3 C's Restaurant or the Dock Outfitters Restaurant both located in 
Seaside or at Spike's Seafood in Point Pleasant, N.J. for classes 
held on the Manasquan River. 
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2017 - N.J. FALL Class Dates 

with Capt. Mike

SEPT.  25, 26, 27, 28
Call 732-267-0058 TODAY

Dates are subject to change for fishing trips or Shows, etc.
Always call on the day before to confirm your class and to get final directions... 
The life cycle of the Barnegat Bay silversides was created by Wildlife Photographer  Richard King. 
To purchase copies of his amazing art work - photography visit our  A.F.F.S.
FLY SHOP and click on the ART tab.
To visit Richard's website click here.. .

UPCOMING 2017/18 - N.J. Class Dates 
Just about any day you like 
we have something available here in Jersey

Stop by our CASTING POND featured at many 
Sportsman Events this year and get a FREE 
lesson to get you started.. Find out the available dates
on our UPCOMING EVENTS Page. We 
are available for lessons this September in 
South Carolina at our freshwater/ saltwater
Check out the information about that on our 
We also have weekly dates available for 
our Bahamas Bonefish School. Find all the 
details on that are on our 
"CRUISE & CAST" Page..  




Emphasis is on basic casting, knots, lines, leaders, equipment selection and lots of information on salt

water flyrodding techniques. A day with us will provide you all the basic skills needed to start catching

fish with the fly rod. Our students for the last 10 years have told us consistently that we do not charge

enough money for the knowledge and experience we provide them. Many have made that statement to

us after having attended some of the "Big" name Schools and have then come to us for "further

instruction". We have been involved in the sport of saltwater flyroding for over 50 years..


The focus at this level is on distance casting and the use of shooting head systems for salt water

flyrodding and big freshwater situations. Student casting problems are video taped and worked on with

your instructors advice. Custom shooting head systems (fly lines) are discussed and then tailored to the individual requirements..



We offer two different freshwater Classes locally. One for trout and salmon fishing in Rivers and

streams and the other for fly fishing in Ponds and Lakes for "Warm Water" fish. Each class is a half day

(4 hour program) that introduces you to the fundamentals of fly fishing and the various flies used to catch gamefish. Hands on knot tying and tackle selection are explained in detail. The first half of the

class is devoted to individual instruction in the basics of freshwater fly casting. The second half of the

class is spent on the water learning the various techniques used for catching either trout or 

"warmwater species" like bass, bluegills, crappie, pickerel, carp and other species..



We charge $150 per student for our all day Saltwater School which includes soft drinks,

water and snacks plus a full lunch at the historic 3'C's luncheonette in Seaside Park

(The birthplace of the first saltwater fly fishing club in America). You will need to bring

your waders, salt water registry card, polarized sunglasses, sun block, insect repellant and

appropriate clothing including a waterproof jacket. All the necessary fly fishing tackle and

class equipment is provided by our gracious sponsors and American Fly Fishing Schools.

You should bring along any saltwater fly fishing gear you may already own for an evaluation

of it during your class.



We prefer to have our students spend the time and the little extra money it costs to take

freshwater lessons with our affiliated A.F.F.S. member instructors in northern New Jersey.

They are better prepared than we are for most fresh water species. The waters in North

Jersey are better suited to trout fishing. However we do offer half day fresh water lessons

here in Ocean County for students that do not want to travel and also for students that seek knowledge about our local ponds and streams. We charge $100 for these classes. Water,

soft drinks and snacks are provided. You will need boots or waders, freshwater license with

a trout stamp, polarized glasses, sun screen, insect repellant and appropriate clothing

(long sleeved shirts/jackets are best).