"OUR NEWS IN THE NET" by A.F.F.S. Director Capt. Mike Corblies.. 10/23/16.. Well this month started off as bad as September ended with your writer just barely able to get out of bed (serious stomach problems) and get on a plane back to Jersey.. Made it safe but not so sound and dragged my butt to work every day pulling 53' trailers around to make some much needed cash.. Nursed myself by changing my diet to healthier foods, ditched the Coca Colas I'm very well known for and switched to nothing but spring water and juices. Still not 100% but certainly feeling better.. Big news for A.F.F.S. is that we won't have to set up and tear down the old back breaker Pond at 3 major Shows and maybe even a couple more in the future starting in January 2017.. The OUTDOOR SPORTS GROUP, N.Y.C. President, Rick Rosalina has let me know that the plan we have been working on together for the past 2 years to purchase a giant 100' L x 40' W Pond that will be the centerpiece attraction at all O.S.G. events is a "done deal", built and enroute to here.. In my opinion this exhibit with all it's new features will make the O.S.G. Sports Shows out shine any competitors events in the N.Y., Chicago and Wisconsin / MN. Markets. As the O.S.G. "Fly Fishing Ambasador" I will be in charge of the Fly Fishing programs as well as the kayak fishing programs.. We will have the A.F.F.S. FLY FISHING ARTS TRAILER as usual at Edison for the fly tying demos and a brand new model of it's smaller version at the Chicago and Millwaukee Shows.. We also have access to a seminar room at Edison for certain A.F.F.S. member presenters that prefer that type of seminar environment. With similar set ups in Chicago and Milwaukee.. Though we will now be sharing the "Lake" as Rick has decided to call it, with the EVINRUDE FACTORY TEAM in Edison and the MERCURY OUBOARD TEAM FISHING PROS in Chicago and Milwaukee, we are certainly happy to do that with both Industry leading Companies.. Our Giant Screen Projection System will be featuring new footage we have filmed and it will add some great visuals for the fishing public to enjoy.. Check out some of the new Pond pics on the O.S.G. websites for a a sneak preview of what's coming to town.. As old PT Barnum used to say refering to the Ringling Brothers Circus "The Greatest Show on Earth", Well we're not quite that, but pretty darn good is what I will call this, so plan on being there.. 9/30.. A Hell of a Month for Yours Truly.. Pretty much what could go wrong did just that.. The road trip to the Kentucky Show started off pretty good with the air conditioner fixed in the pick up truck working fine after spending a grand to get it fixed the day before we left and Rita and I enjoyed the comfortable ride it provided us towing the Show Trailer towards Kentucky but a few hours later that all changed when the mountains of Western Maryland finished off the hemi motor by throwing its main bearing and leaving us stuck on the Interstate.. Luckily one of the nicest and kindest couples that I have ever met in my life, Duane and Julie Patton, came along and wanted to take a pic of the trailer because they like fishing and had never seen any thing like it before.. Once they learned of our problem they swung in to action, martialed the local Help and got us towed by a local wrecker company and safely lodged for the night in the little village of Grantsville.. The next day they drove us around MD. until I secured a big enough rental truck to pull the trailer and then they arranged to tow the pick up out to their farm near West Virginia to store it until a decision on what to do with it is made.. Back on the road again we proceeded with out any problems to Lexington to the Show.. Another story for the upcoming book I guess.. ATTENTION: Hollywood Producers your missing a great opportunity for a new reality TV program.. 8/23.. Loading the Show Trailer today for a month long road trip.. First stop is the best Summer Sportsmen Show we have been to (so far) east of the Mississippi River.. ULTIMATE OUTDOOR EXPO in Lexington, KY... We will be exhibiting A.F.F.S. services and performing casting and kayaking demos there this Friday through Sunday.. Check out the S845-434-7860how link for the details on our UPCOMING EVENTS Page.. Stop by and see us if you are in the KY. area.. Then Rita and I are headed to Florida to finish up the house remodel and for me to do some snook and tarpon fishing.. We will then exhibit at the NAUTICAL FLEA MARKET & SEAFOOD FESTIVAL SHOW in West Palm Beach.. Drop off the Gheenoe for some updates in Titusville at the factory.. I will head north to our SANTEE-COOPER SCHOOL in S.C. to Fish and Film with my flats boat, (we have one permanently docked there now) for a couple of days and then its roll back up to Jersey.. 8/8/16.. we are back in Jersey from a good time up in the N.Y. mountains exhibiting A.F.F.S. services at the SUMMERFEST FLY SHOW at the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum Show.. PA. Guide Paul Healy made the trip with Rita and myself.. We stayed at the recently completed "Loft" above the Barn at Pepacton Cabins near Downsville, N.Y. The "Loft" joins the group of very nice fly fishermen cabins that line up right along the East Branch of the Delaware River.. "One of the best kept secrets in the Catskills", that visiting fly fishermen should learn about.. We are pleased to recommend PEPACTON CABINS to our A.F.F.S. Clients, Students and Friends.. We have literature available for you about PEPACTON at all our events, so stop by and ask us about this class A "secret" trout fishery.. OOPS!!. So sorry, we just let that secret out.. 8/1/16.. Out to Mechanicsburg PA. today to retrieve the small Show Trailer and looked at a couple of new ones to replace it .. 7/25/16... Big news this week was South Carolina A.F.F.S. Junior Pro, Chandler Williams arrived here in N.J. with his friend John for a couple of days to help "make ready" Capt. Mikes' 18' flats boat and then they towed it back down to S.C. where we will be keeping it at Blacks Camp for a while to use on the Santee-Cooper Lakes and from Isle of Palms Marina on the Charleston Marshes... Chandler reported back that the boat is running good and he is busy chasing redfish with it.. Chandler will be leaving S.C. in 2 weeks for another stint as a guide at the world famous STONE FLY INN in MT. until the fly fishing season winds down there in October.. He will head back to S.C. to help out at Blacks Camp for a while and then come up to N.J. for Captains Training School and a little time on the water with me and our Jersey Stripers and Blues.. By Christmas he should be fully licensed and will join our S.C. Guide team in 2017 as a full fledged A.F.F.S. member... Congrats and Keep on course Chandler your right on target.. 7/17/16.. Back in Jersey today after a quick trip down to Florida to attend ICAST.. The "Super Bowl of Fishing Products Show" This Show is worth what ever it takes to get there and attend at least once in your life time if you really love fishing.. Spent time with a lot of great people including our young S.C. A.F.F.S. Junior Pro, Chandler Williams that is getting ready to head back out to Montana to guide again for the "Rooster" at the world famous STONE FLY INN .. He will be back in S.C. in October and then going to Captains School here in Jersey to get his ticket.. I met with my friend Kevin Davis at ICAST that owns Blacks Camp in Cross, S.C. where our A.F.F.S. School is located on Lake Moultrie.. I have my 18' Pro Skiff being shipped to BLACK'S to fish and film the Lakes and Coastal Bays there.. Chandler will start guiding with it there after he gets his Captains license later this year... Met with the guys and gals from JACKSON KAYAKS and discussed all the new gear coming from JACKSON this year and 2017.. New slide track seating is very cool. . I ordered my new sit on SKIPPER to join my sit in KILROY.. They wanted me to take the demo SKIPPER at the Show home with me but it would not fit in the overhead compartment on my SPIRIT AIR flight.. Oh well I have a good reason now to head back to their factory in TN. and fish my way there.. Both of my JACKSON yaks will be on display at our next big event in Lexington KY. next month.. Lots of other great gear from ICAST deals being added to the A.F.F.S programs but more details on that News later on.. Hung out for a while discussing our W & W MAGAZINE with our Publisher Kurt Kopala and hearing some good ideas from him.. Steve Monahan and the guys from MAXXON, Gary Loomis, Jimmy Houston (Ordering a Jackson) and way too many more to list here... 7/7/16...Spent a quiet 4th of July in Jersey with our "big news" coming from Capt. Joe Hughes of JERSEY CAPE GUIDE SERVICE "That the Sharks are back along the Cape May County beaches and they are "eating".. Duskies, Browns and Hammerheads "OH MY".. Joe had 2 clients out on the 2nd and caught10 of them and broke off even more. My turn comes on Friday August 5th when I will be out with Joe and 2 of our A.F.F.S clients that will try their luck with them for their first times.. Can't wait.. If you want to get in on some HOT Summer fly fishing action at the Jersey Shore CALL OR E-MAIL ME NOW!! to set up a Shark date.. We are now offering some special 1/2 day classes for learning about this exciting sight fishing Inshore Summer Shark fishery.. The new class includes on the water casting practice with the 10 through 16 wt. fly tackle we use,. Hands On "How To Do It" fishing methods, Short videos of the action and tackle talk on all the equipment needed including the flies to tie or buy.. These Special Classes are held in Seaside Heights, N.J. and include a great lunch on the Bay at the DOCK OUTFITTERS.. Price is $150 p.p.. More details and dates on our N.J. SALT WATER SCHOOL Page Click on it below..Call or e-mail me to reserve your spots.. 6/28/16.. Enjoyed a nice long 3 day weekend in the "North Country" of N.Y. on the Salmon River with Rita.. We exhibited A.F.F.S. services at the SPEY NATION CONCLAVE in Pineville.. We stayed at the clean and comfortable MID-RIVER MOTEl owned and operated by N.Y.S. licensed guide Mike McAliney. Mike purchased and has improved this property over the last couple of years and has turned it into a great spot for fly fishers at reasonable prices.. Mike offers fly and light tackle charter trips by River drift boat, cabin sport fisher on Lake Ontario or walk and wade on the Salmon using his ATV's into private stretches of the Salmon River near his Motel.. Mike is endorsed and a Pro staff member of ECHO fly rods and RIO fly lines.. We are pleased to add Mike and MID-RIVER Motel & Camp to our list of A.F.F.S. Recommended Lodges.. You can visit and contact Mike online at our website link by clicking on our NORH EAST Member Page down below on your left.. Another positive development that came from attending SPEY NATION is a new opportunity to work with another great line of fly rod and reel manufacturers headquartered in New York State called RISE FISHING COMPANY from Long Island.. These fly rods and reels designed by knowledgable Fresh and Salt Water Fly Fishing Guides offer the "mid price point" fly tackle user some great models from small weight trout rods all the way up to 2 handed switch and spey sticks for salmon or stripers.. We will be working with the RISE team in the coming months to help put together some complete "kit packages" that will appeal to our advanced students and clients.. It was also great to talk with the reps and pros from RIO and AIR FLO fly lines to get their recommendations on their various specialty lines to help improve casting performance from some of the rods we are using from A.F.F.S. sponsor Companies SHU~FLY, WILD WATER and MAXXON.. This improves our tackle offerings for both our students and trip clients.. 6/21/16.. Back in Jersey working on new projects after attending the PA. FLY FISHING HERITAGE DAY SHOW last Saturday... Had a great time there along with wife Rita and A.F.F.S. PA. Guide Chip Jablonski who ijoined us out there.. A.F.F.S. member Guide Frank Angelo owner of RED TAIL LODGE in McClure PA. gave a fine presentation on basic casting and getting started in fly fishing to the Show attendees.. Some Big news for A.F.F.S. at the Show is that our old biz pal Steve Monaghan will be our rep for MAXXON OUTFITTERS fly rods, reels and other great gear from them for our Jersey and PA operations. MAXXON was introduced to us last year by our friend and Chicago area tackle rep, Norm Hartman.. MAXXON makes very affordable and good quality "combo outfits" that we recommend for our beginner students.. We will now add these to our other great combo offerings by WILD WATER and SHU~FLY for our students at our classes and through our FLY SHOP IN A BOX affiliated ret great annual event that's all about 2 handed fly rods and learning to fish with them.. I have become a complete convert to them this past year for my surf fishing and other big freshwater lake and river trips... 6/15/16.. Bill Haldaman is busy in Montana running a few casting clinics already and Capt. Al Z is becoming more involved in the kayak fishing scene in Florida every week catching lots of fish.. 3/1..It has been a busy time at A.F.F.S. since the first of the year.. I had a great time at the Atlantic City Boat Show as usual with lots of people stopping by our huge exhibit (over 120' long).. Special thank you's to Fly Guide Paul Healy, PA. Photographer Tom Lynch, N.J., Cast Net Guru, Charley Kay, N.Y. and my wife Rita for assisting... We tested out the new big screen projection system at A.C. and it works great with the Hall lights on.. We ran video commercials for our TOHATSU Outboard Motor sponsor and some Jackson U-Tube videos with the new system and it worked great.. Lot's of WOW comments from the folks that came by to see us.. Paul Healy joined me again in January to go out to Chicago for the big Sportsmen Show with a side trip to Tennessee. to pick up my new JACKSON Kilroy kayak to use in our Pond seminars on our 2016 Show Tour.. We were at the GARDEN STATE SPORTSMEN SHOW in Edison.. As usual it was another big success for A.F.F.S.. We had several Members and Friends participating with the crowds and we had a great time all 4 days of the Show.. 12/10..Just back from Florida where Capt. Al Z is enjoying kayak fishing with the local tarpon and snook populations near our houses and I made a 1 day stop in South Carolina where the striper fishing on Lake Moultrie (where our A.F.F.S. School is located) is in high gear. I fished with one of our local partner guides Leroy Scuggs and we enjoyed catching lots of striped bass with top water and subsurface action down to 20 feet with fish from a couple of pounds up to 28" in length with even some double headers hooked up. The fish were gorging on baby bunker and thread fin shad.. Check out our UPCOMNG EVENTS Page to see what's next.. Thank's for stopping by..



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Capt. Mike Corblies, Guides Rick Wolbert, Paul Healy were the A.F.F.S. team
in the
KAYAK FLUKE TOURNAMENT in Point Pleasant, N.J. Capt. Mike 
introduced the first fly
fishing division to this established Tourney. By 
adding the A.F.F.S. "FLYRODDERS CHALLENGE" to the event.


Hoping for a Halibut sized Fluke with a net bigger than the Captain.. Fly Fishing on a Tournament Day..
Capt. Mike using stand up kayak fishing shoots a cast on Day 2 of the Tournament..


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More A.F.F.S. Fly Casting Demos and Small Watercraft Seminars will be held in Florida & other Southern 
States as Capt. Mike has moved from N.J. to North Fort Myers, Florida The picture above was taken at 
FISHSTOCK in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.. Be there with us in 2016...  
 6/30/16..Titusville, FL. A.F.F.S. Director Mike Corblies will be heading down to CUSTOM GHEENOE BOATS of Titusville, Florida in a couple of weeks to have his 13' Custom Gheenoe rigged up with a new 15 H.P. Merc 4 stroke that he picked up from our old friends at BELL HAVEN KAYAKS this year on a great deal. CUSTOM GHEENOE helps us expand our seminar programs at our "SIMUL-CAST POND" SHOWS Click on the AMERICAN FLY FISHING.TV  channel to watch some promotional CUSTOM GHEENOE boat videos on the water to see what they can do..


February 3 - 7  2016

We enjoyed being at this annual monster sized show again this year. 

We unveiled our new (beta test edition) Big Screen Projection System to enhance our Pond Side presentations. It works great and puts a huge video image up on screen for every one to see clearly even in brightly lit Halls like the A.C. Convention Center. The Front Projection capability worked perfect showing video commercials from our sponsors TOHATSU Outboard Motors, JACKSON KAYAKS U-Tube Videos and our own In house productions.. 

Lot's of WOW that looks great from Show attendees that came by to watch it..  So now we just need to add the motorized lift screen for rear projection to the system and upgrade the sound system and "WALA".. The ultimate fly fishing/light tackle & kayak demo presentation system on earth will be complete and ready to teach with.. BOOK YOUR EVENT TODAY TO FEATURE IT..



January 20 - 24  2016  UPDATED REPORT

Captain Mike Corblies and  PA. Guide Paul Healy headed to Chicago to participate at this large annual event for us at the ROSEMONT CONVENTION CENTER.. We had our Fly Casting / Kayaking Pond in use every day of the Show. Enjoyed seeing our Chicago fly fishing friends including Jen Ripple and Kurt Kopala that publish our WINGS & WATERS Magazine and our Fly Tackle Rep buddy Norm Hartman that stopped by to help out. We also added our first member guide in Wisconsin, Captain Brian Settele of FIN CHASERS GUIDE SERVICE and set up some meeting trips for later this year to visit some potential Lodge partner operations in the Midwest.. 

PS: As part of the OSG "team" and serving as the Fly Fishing Ambasador for the OUTDOOR SPORT GROUP - N.Y.C. I guess the owners of the Millwaukee Wisconsin Sportsmen Show the JOURNAL - SENTINEL newspaper, visited and liked what they saw at Chicago this year.. OSG President Rick Rosalina recently informed me that OSG will begin managing the Milwaukee Show in 2017..Congratulations Rick.. A.F.F.S. will be there, expanding North.. 

Come and see us March 8 - 12  http://jssportsshow.com/

Hey Chicago and Wisconsin buddies, we will see you late this Summer or this Fall for some on the water fly time and filming.. I can't wait !!



Edison, N.J... January 7 - 10 

We had great time at our first event

of the New Year..


SPORTS SHOW. We had our large 

Show Trailer and our Big Casting 

Pond on display. At our exhibit this

year was the award wining 

photography of Tom Lynch of 

ANGRY FISH.com showing his 

latest work.. Saltwater fly tying 

demos were performed on 

Saturday by Harold Eckert of N.J.


Isdanavage of COASTAL ANGLER ADVENTURES.  Double haul 

casting demos at our Pond by fly 

casting champion Allan Johnson 

on Friday,Saturday and Sunday 

always draw a nice crowd. Another popular feature was Charley Kay 

teaching how to throw a cast net and then learning why a 

successful flyrodder some times 

needs one of these from Capt. Mike.

A.F.F.S. sponsor Skip Storch, 
President of SHU~FLY TACKLE 
was on hand to answer all the 
questions about his products.               
Capt. Mike gave lots of kid's and 
adults their first fly casting lesson.
Parents and grand parents took a
lot of pictures of the little ones
having fun and learning about fly
fishing. The annual Kid's Fly 
Casting Competition was a  
success again as the crowd always
loves watching it and the Kid's 
enjoy doing it.. Thanks again to 
every one that stopped by to say 
hello to us.. 
2016 N.M.M.A, BOAT SHOWS - A.F.F.S. Displays..Click to visit here..
was on display again @ the 2015
A picture from the Oaks Show in 2013


We will be there with the largest Fly Fishing display in the HALL..

Come and see our line up of top PA, N.J. & N.Y. State Fly Guides..

Lots of seminars fly tying and personal tips for you  if you

Don't want to drive to Lancaster this winter... 


"Last year we had some heavy snow on first two days of this PA. Show but

Saturday and Sunday we were mobbed by customers when the weather

turned better".

This annual event draws a large number of sports enthusiasts every
A.F.F.S. will have a large display including our big Pond and Trailer. Several 
member pros will be on hand evry day from PA. and  N.J. to inform and
entertain the attendees with daily seminars and casting demos. We wlll also
feature the photography of Tom Lynch of ANGRY FISH.  Stop by and see us
at Philly's largest Sportsmen's Event of the year...

 A.F.F.S. will be exhibiting at 2 major Sportsmen Events this Spring. 
A.F.F.S.Show Trailer & Pond @ PALMETTO CLASSIC 2014
Captain Mike Corblies was the featured speaker at the COASTAL FLYRODDERS CLUB in Wyckoff, New Jersey..
May 20th.. Capain Mike Corblies gave a presentation seminar to the monthly
meeting of the COASTAL FLYRODDERS  CLUB in Wyckoff, N.J. on topics 
including the "CRUISE & CAST" program and WINGS & WATERS Magazine. Mike answered lots of questions about salt water fly fishing techniques for 
the enthusistic audience. This club and it's many activities will be featured in
an article in an upcoming edition of  WINGS & WATERS..
Photo by Nick Pullano                                                                                                                                       A  

A.F.F.S. Junior Pro - Chandler Williams casting for bream @ 2014 EAST.COAST PADDLESPORT Show
A.F.F.S. has launched the sports first shipboard fly fishing schools to great fly fishing destinations.Click it..
A.F.F.S. Captains & "Cruise Ship Pros" in the Berry Islands.. Al Zlata, Mike Corblies, Jimmy Darville
A.F.F.S. has expanded it's Bahama operations by Land, Air and Sea..
A.F.F.S. has arrangements with some of the best talent available in the
Bahamas for both experienced anglers and students. On Grand Bahama 
Island we are partnered with Capt. Phil Thomas of the well established 
PHIL & MEL'S BONEFISH GUIDE SERVICE.  Capt. Phil operates his business 
on the East End in McLeans Town, the launching spot for all the East End Lodges. 
Capt. Phil has experienced guides on staff with quality skiffs as well as offshore boats 
available for hire. On GBI we have also partnered with the very well known 
BISHOP'S BONEFISH RESORT located right on the beach in High Rock. 
BISHOP'S has 7 very nice rooms for fishermen and visiting families, A great 
Restaurant and full Bar plus a Tiki bar on the sand. BISHOP'S is now our official 
A.F.F.S. Lodge on the East End where we will be conducting schools and 
seminars for our Group Trip clients and stopping by for a cold beverage on 
our way back to the Ship from  fishing with our "CRUISE & CAST" groups.

On Nassau we are privleged to have none other than the world famous
bonefish guide, Simon Bain on the A.F.F.S. International team. Simon is a
twice Bahamas national casting champion, producer and star of the
Bahamas first television and radio fishing programs and an accomplished
writer. Simon has developed his own unique fly casting methods that any
serious student of our sport should aquaint themselves
with. Simon is well
known for his antics and fun filled delivery about "There's NO bonefish in
Nassau mon"
Just check out U-Tube for that. Simon has a couple of
experienced guides working under his Outfitters license. There are only 4
legal flats guide operations licensed on Nassau and Simon is one of them. 
If you "CRUISE & CAST" or visit Nassau / Paradise Island by air you should
spend some time with Simon and his staff and go bonefish
"catching not fishing" as Simon likes to say..

Last but certainly not least, in the more remote Berry Chain of Islands, the
well respected guide Jimmy Darville is in charge of guiding our clients when
we visit there. Our "CRUISE & CAST" trips with NCL and RCL visit Great and
Little Stirrup Cayes weekly. Jim and his brothers Percy and Joe plus their
staff of guides with spotless flats boats provide excellent fishing trips in the
nearby waters. Jimmy has a new Lodge under construction on nearby Great
Harbour Island that will soon welcome our clients arriving by air or private
boat for both flats and offshore fishing.
Our A.F.F.S. Partners on Grand Bahama Island
A.F.F.S. Instructor Simon Bain World Class bonefish guide in Nassau, Bahamas..
       A.F.F.S. will return to exhibit @ PA. FLY FISHING MUSEUM HERITAGE DAY SHOW in 2015..
6/15/14.. A.F.F.S. was at the
HERITAGE DAY Show in Boiling
Springs on Saturday June 15th at the
beautiful ALLENBERRY RESORT on the
banks of the Yellow Breeches. We
enjoyed a great  day outdoors meeting
old friends in the sport and making
some new ones.  Frank Angelo, casting
instructor from central PA. gave a fine
program to the attendees and joined
our membership. Frank operates the
RED TAIL LODGE B&B near McClure,
PA. Welcome aboard Frank..
The latest 2016 news from Bill Haldaman, our top fly casting fishing class 
instructor in Montana is that he and wife Barbara have been up north to 
Alaska looking for a B&B to purchase so they can lead our Alaska
"CRUISE & CAST"programs and help our clients with trips up there.. 
Good luck with your search Bill & Barb..
Bill and Camanchee ready for back country cutthroats..
Kalispell, Montana..  A.F.F.S. 
founding member and respected 
casting instructor Bill Haldaman, 
is now giving fly casting lessons 
and trout fishing classes at the 
landmark Montana Sports Store 
Kalispell,  The store has been in the 
sporting goods business since 
1947 and is located near some of the 
best Rocky Mountain fishing waters. 
For more information call Bill 
@ 406-208-9543 or Manager Rusty
Wells at the store @ 406-257-752 
Fly Fishing Master Jack Montague (FL) shows PA. Guide Paul Healy one of his many tricks at a Show

2014 CHICAGO SPORTS & OUTDOOR SHOW.. Captain Mike Corblies,  

PA. Guide Paul Healy and  FL. instructor Jack Montague had our 

Casting Pond in full use every day and Mike gave a "CRUISE & CAST"

seminar on the Main Show Stage on Saturday evening. We had a good show,

made some new friends including Jen Ripple and Kurt Kopala and enjoyed

seeing some old ones. As a positive result we arranged to return to 

Chicago (when the ice is gone) to give a "CRUISE & CAST" seminar at the 

DuPage Fly Fishers Club and film and enjoy some local fly fishing..

A.F.F.S. continues the  win a "CRUISE & CAST" Contest..
Our "CRUISE & CAST" Bahamas Route
A.F.F.S Director Mike Corblies announced
the winner of the 2013 drawing.  Lucky angler 
Chuck Adams a firefighter from Compton, MD.
won the FREE  4 day trip to fly fish the 
Bahamas on a "CRUISE & CAST" adventure 
"CRUISE & CAST" trip drawings are
available to all persons attending our action
packed and informative seminars promoting
great "CRUISE & CAST" destinations like 
Belize, Alaska, Mexico, Bermuda, Honduras, 
Canada and the Bahamas. Simply attend one 
of our seminars at a Sportsmen's Show, 
Fishing Club Meeting or Retail Store Seminar.  Enter 
your e-mail address on a ticket and cross your
fingers. The next winner will be drawn on
Christmas Day.. Round trip Airfare from the
continental U.S. to Miami is included on
SPIRIT AIR. The wining anglers name are
posted here on the American Fly Fishing
Schools website.

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 A.F.F.S. tried out a new way to introduce 
more participants to our sport. We exhibited at 
CENTERCapt. Mike Corblies, (N.J.) Jack 
Montague (FL.) and Andrew Stiles (VA.) 
performed  fly casting, fly tying, kayaking
demos and discussed our "CRUISE & CAST"
cruise ship programvarious Schools and trips
to A.F.F.S. member destinations. Captain Mike
was featured on FOX TV 5 with D.C. reporter
Holly Morris learning how to fly cast and kayak
at our Pond..Capt. Mike and Jack Montague were
filmed by NEW TANG DYNASTY TV crew
based in Washington explaining kayak fishing 
and fly casting for a program to be broadcast both
in the U.S. and into China..Channel 9 in DC also
filmed and used our casting demos for Show 
promotion clips throughout the weekend  plus
several travel magazine writers interviewed us
for upcoming articles..Click here to watch us on 
FOX TV News.

SPIRIT - A.F.F.S. Partner Airline To Many Of Our Favorite Destinations
Captain Mike Corblies leading a casting class in New York City on the shores of the Hudson..
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