"OUR NEWS IN THE NET" by A.F.F.S. Director Capt. Mike Corblies.. 2/9/15.. We had a Great time at this years Atlantic City Boat Show.. Very busy teaching and entertaining a lot of nice people young and older.. Sincere thank you's to John Campos, Lori and Tony D'uva of ANGLERS ART and to Tom Lynch of ANGRY FISH.com that were with me this year to exhibit their art at our display.. Big Thanks to Rick Wolbert for an outstanding presentation in our Pond on Saturday about kayak fishing... The crowd loved it... Thanks again to Show Manager Jon Pritko and his staff for having us there.. 2/1... Back in New Jersey after a successful trip to Chicago last week to exhibit our services at the CHICAGO SPORTSMEN SHOW in Rosemont.. Fly Guide Paul Healy (N.J.and PA.) and Florida Casting Instructor Jack Montague were with me to help handle the fly casting, fly tying and story telling duties.. This year we were joined at our Casting/Kayaking Pond by two new (at A.F.F.S.) outstanding individuals in the sport.. Miss Jen Ripple and Mr. Kurt Kopala from the "Chicagoland" area.. Jen is a rising star in the fly fishing world and the editor in chief of the popular online womens fly fishing magazine "DUN".. Her good friend Kurt is her fly casting mentor and the founder and publisher of the successful online publication "A TIGHT LOOP" Magazine.. TIGHT LOOP is the "Go To" magazine dealing with every thing related to Mid-West Fly Fishing.. It should be on your "must read" list every month if you have an interest in the sport in this region.. Jen's publication "DUN" is a leading online journal that is read by women all over the world that are interested in fly fishing.. Be sure to check it out for lots of great content and information from the ladies perspectives on our sport.. I am very pleased that A.F.F.S. will now have such valuable partners working with us to help promote fly fishing and our programs in the Mid-West.. In fact we will be using Kurt's editorial and digital skills to handle the production and publication of our A.F.F.S Magazine "WINGS and WATERS"... Congrats to Kurt.. We look forward to seeing the improvements you will bring to WINGS and WATERS for all of our members and readers... Look for the new edition to be released soon.. A notice of the release date will appear here ASAP.. If you missed us at Rosemont, you can catch Jen and Kurt at the Schaumburg Sports Show through this Sunday.. This coming week 2/4 - 2/8 we will be back in Atlantic City, N.J. with our full display and lots of Pond side seminars at the big A.C. NATIONAL MARINE MANUFACTURERS BOAT SHOW.. Come and see us there.. Full info links to the A.C. Show and our Mid-West friends are right down below.. Click on them and visit the websites.. Don't forget.. We are featuring some great "CRUISE and CAST" Trips with NORWEGIAN CRUISE LINES.. Our "FLOATING BONEFISH SCHOOL" sails on the NCL SKY from Miami to Grand Bahama Island, Nassau and Great Stirrup Caye in the Bahamas every Monday.. LOW Prices on these trips allow you to learn just how much fun flats fishing can be.. CALL TODAY to go saltwater fly fishing and learn how to do it right with us.. Click on our "CRUISE and CAST" Page for more info and to view the available dates.. Go to cruiseshipfishingtrips.com to Sign up TODAY for a great "CRUISE and CAST" trip in search of "Bones to Billfish"...

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AFFS Director Mike Corblies & Junior Pro, Chandler Williams a S.C.College student pose for the camera atop ICAST 2014 in Orlando..
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Publisher of "a TIGHT LOOP Magazine - Click to read it..
A.F.F.S. Product Sponsor - Ray Hendrickson - Prez. SEA LEVEL FLY FISHING Booth - ICAST 2014
SEA LEVEL display of Blue Water Fly Rods & Reels 12 - 16 Wts. will be @ all upcoming A.F.F.S. events for our "try then buy" demos..


Our new interactive 
online edition with 
printed copies available on demand will be released in  
Contact us now to advertise 
in it..

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 A.F.F.S. member 
Captain Al Zlata poses with 
a nice sailfish we caught 
with one of our 
clients off Cozumel, Mexico



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A.F.F.S. member Guide Kevin Margosian displays a nice Steelhead he caught on a trip to the Salmon River near Pulaski, N.Y. We have several great guides available in this region to help you land YOURS.. 
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Meet Capt. Mike Corblies at I-CAST and the INTERNATIONAL FLY TACKLE DEALERS SHOW the worlds largest fishing trade show in Orlando Florida, July 2015
Capt. Mike and David Rose President of FREEDOM HAWK KAYAKS at I-CAST in Vegas..
Capt. Mike Corblies on the

A.F.F.S. Director Capt. Mike Corblies was a special guest on the KAYAK FISHING
"The Double-L Crew"
On 6/25 in
Virginia Beach with

hosts Kris and Mark Lozier.
You can hear a bit of the show
 any time via Podcast by clicking here
David Rose - FREEDOM HAWK KAYAKS in our "SIMUL-CAST POND" @ VA. Beach..
FREEDOM HAWK KAYAKS  Tennessee is a valued sponsor of A.F.F.S. programs. FREEDOM HAWK 
President  David Rose
was with us at the

"Thanks Captain Mike it was a great experience for me to watch you work the crowd during your performance and thanks for straightening out my cast" ..DR
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American Fly Fishing
Manchester VT.

Membership in A.F.F.S.
can benefit you to..

Capt. Mike with a bonefish
@ A.F.F.S. Member
caught & released on a 
Fly Fishing Trip..
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Capt. Mike teaching a student
on Barnegat Bay..
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Capt. Mike Corblies, Guides Rick Wolbert, Paul Healy were the A.F.F.S. team
in the
KAYAK FLUKE TOURNAMENT in Point Pleasant, N.J. Capt. Mike 
introduced the first fly
fishing division to this established Tourney. By 
adding the A.F.F.S. "FLYRODDERS CHALLENGE" to the event.

Hoping for a Halibut sized Fluke with a net bigger than the Captain.. Fly Fishing the KC12 on the first Tournament Day..
Capt. Mike using stand up kayak fishing shoots a cast from the FREEDOM HAWK 14 on Day 2 of the Tournament..


For all the fly fishers on 

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fly fishing
Big Bluefish like this one Capt. Al Zlata landed visit N.J. waters every year .. Book your trip TODAY..
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Capt. Mike Corblies giving a Seminar @ the "SIMUL-CASTING POND".. Click for info about the Shows
More A.F.F.S. Fly Casting Demos and Small Watercraft Seminars will be held in Florida & other Southern 
States as Capt. Mike is moving from N.J. to Fort Myers, Florida The picture above was taken at 
FISHSTOCK in New Smyrna Beach, Florida.. Be there with us in 2015...  
2015 N.M.M.A, BOAT SHOWS - A.F.F.S. Displays..Click to visit here..
will be on display again @ the 2015
A picture from the Oaks Show in 2013


We will be there with the largest Fly Fishing display in the HALL..

Come and see our line up of top PA, N.J. & N.Y. State Fly Guides..

Lots of seminars fly tying and personal tips for you  if you

Don't want to drive to Lancaster this winter... 


"Last year we had some heavy snow on first two days of this PA. Show but

Saturday and Sunday we were mobbed by customers when the weather

turned better".

This annual event draws a large number of sports enthusiasts every
A.F.F.S. will have a large display including our big Pond and Trailer. Several 
member pros will be on hand evry day from PA. and  N.J. to inform and
entertain the attendees with daily seminars and casting demos. We wlll also
feature the photography of Tom Lynch of ANGRY FISH.  Stop by and see us
at Philly's largest Sportsmen's Event of the year...

Back 2 Back South Carolina Shows brought more growth for A.F.F.S.
 in this region for the future...  
A.F.F.S.Show Trailer & Pond @ PALMETTO CLASSIC 2014
We recently exhibited at the PALMETTO SPORTSMEN SHOW in Columbia 
South Carolina.  In addition to the many nice folks attending these events we met 
that stopped by our exhibits for fly casting lessons, fishing tips, guided trip info, kayak 
demo rides or to purchase some of our products. We also met with some 
new service partners fo the fly fishing public. I would like to thank the owner Marshall and
his terrific staff  at MARSHALL'S MARINE in Lake City, S.C. for offering to let us park our Show
trailer at their facility between these Shows. MARSHALL MARINE is getting ready to open a second location closer to the beach in the Charleston area and are looking to expand their existing kayak selections by adding KC KAYAKS to their product lines. We are also looking forward to helping them with their fly fishing products by adding them in to our new "FLY SHOP IN A BOX"retail dealer program. I met with Chris and Carol Norman at their boat building facility in 
Florence, South Carolina.  The CAIMAN boats are a unique well built fiberglass 
line of shallow water skiffs that are usually factory rigged with a foot and hand controlled 
54# MOTORGUIDE electric motor package that moves these beautiful little boats 
along with all the power they need to perform well. Chris has developed a great 
proprietary steering setup for his boats that can also be used on other brands of "micro 
skiffs"We are now developing plans with them to feature the Caiman's in our 
"SIMUL-CAST" Pond programs and to assist them in designing  and testing a fly 
fishing accessory package to add to these boats. A larger CAIMAN 2 person model 
will be modified to include a strengthened transom in a different configuration to 
allow for the use of a small gas powered engine from our outboard sponsor 
TOHATSU to increase the speed and range. The standard MOTORGUIDE power 
can then be rigged for a bow mount application and a short height poling platform 
spotting advantages to this already amazing craft. I am looking forward to working 
with Chris and Carol to help develop and promote the CAIMAN as a great, 
affordable micro skiff for shallow water fishing areas. The CAIMAN is currently available 
in the 1 man 10' length or the 2  seat 13' & 13 SPL models in a large variety of colors. The 
most popular selling colors are the Camo and the White with Black Pebble finish.
Check them out at   http://caimanoutdoors.com/ Then call the factory or myself  for more 
information. We are also pleased to announce that another of our Product Sponsors based 
in South Carolina SUPERSTICK PUSHPOLES has just added a new Push Pin shallow 
water anchor system to their product line that we will be using and offering for sale in the 
future.  During the 2 Shows in S.C. we were approached by some other 
event promoters that liked what we do and we now have an invitation to
bring our "Road Show" to their events in Kentucky and North Carolina. 
I want to thank all of our A.F.F.S.team members that helped us have success with these 
Carolina Shows and to both Show promoters for having us at them and for the 
great Southern hospitality they extended to us during the events that made them 
so pleasurable to attend. We hope to return to them many times in the future.  
Captain Mike Corblies was the featured 
speaker this Spring at the
in Wyckoff, New Jersey..
May 20th.. Capain Mike Corblies gave a 
presentation seminar to the monthly 
meeting of the COASTAL FLYRODDERS  
CLUB in Wyckoff, N.J. on several
topics including the "CRUISE & CAST"                                                                                   program and WINGS & WATERS 
Magazine. Mike answered lots of 
questions about salt water fly fishing 
techniques for the enthusistic audience. This club and it's many 
activities will be featured in an article in 
an upcoming edition of  WINGS & WATERS..
Photo by Nick Pullano                                                                                                                                       A  

A.F.F.S. Junior Pro - Chandler Williams casting for bream @ 2014 EAST.COAST PADDLESPORT Show
A.F.F.S. Introduced new features at the
We had a good time exhibiting our services and 
performing at the 2014 SALTWATER FISHING EXPO. 
with our  large Show trailer and our Casting Pond on 
display. A great new feature at our exhibits is the award winning photography of Tom Lynch of ANGRY 
FISH fame that sold very well. Captain Mike introduced  
the revolutionary new AIRBORN inflatable Boats / SUP's. 
All the latest S.W. Fly Lines, Leaders and accessories by
CORTLAND were available to try out. Saltwater fly tying 
demos of Captain Mikes' new packaged fly tying products
called "BODY PARTS" performed by our memberships 
newest Captain,John Disanavage and pro tier Ken Garten.
Great kayak fishing tips and trip info by Guide Rick 
Wolbert and other Yak Pros.  Plus FREE copies of our new 
"WINGS & WATERS" magazine for every one with info 
and photography during the Show by our Editor Nick 
Pullano.   A.F.F.S. sponsor Skip StorchPresident of 
SHU~FLY TACKLE  did several informative casting 
demos at our Pond. Of course Capt. Mike took care of 
the popular annual Sunday"KIDS SCAVENGER HUNT"
along with Capt. Al Zlata giving fly casting lessons. 
Thanks for stopping  by and saying hello to us.. 

A.F.F.S. has launched the sports first shipboard fly fishing schools to great fly fishing destinations.Click it..
A.F.F.S. Captains & "Cruise Ship Pros" in the Berry Islands.. Al Zlata, Mike Corblies, Jimmy Darville
A.F.F.S. has expanded it's Bahama operations by Land, Air and Sea..
A.F.F.S. has arrangements with some of the best talent available in the
Bahamas for both experienced anglers and students. On Grand Bahama 
Island we are partnered with Capt. Phil Thomas of the well established 
PHIL & MEL'S BONEFISH GUIDE SERVICE.  Capt. Phil operates his business 
on the East End in McLeans Town, the launching spot for all the East End Lodges. 
Capt. Phil has experienced guides on staff with quality skiffs as well as offshore boats 
available for hire. On GBI we have also partnered with the very well known 
BISHOP'S BONEFISH RESORT located right on the beach in High Rock. 
BISHOP'S has 7 very nice rooms for fishermen and visiting families, A great 
Restaurant and full Bar plus a Tiki bar on the sand. BISHOP'S is now our official 
A.F.F.S. Lodge on the East End where we will be conducting schools and 
seminars for our Group Trip clients and stopping by for a cold beverage on 
our way back to the Ship from  fishing with our "CRUISE & CAST" groups.

On Nassau we are privleged to have none other than the world famous
bonefish guide, Simon Bain on the A.F.F.S. International team. Simon is a
twice Bahamas national casting champion, producer and star of the
Bahamas first television and radio fishing programs and an accomplished
writer. Simon has developed his own unique fly casting methods that any
serious student of our sport should aquaint themselves
with. Simon is well
known for his antics and fun filled delivery about "There's NO bonefish in
Nassau mon"
Just check out U-Tube for that. Simon has a couple of
experienced guides working under his Outfitters license. There are only 4
legal flats guide operations licensed on Nassau and Simon is one of them. 
If you "CRUISE & CAST" or visit Nassau / Paradise Island by air you should
spend some time with Simon and his staff and go bonefish
"catching not fishing" as Simon likes to say..

Last but certainly not least, in the more remote Berry Chain of Islands, the
well respected guide Jimmy Darville is in charge of guiding our clients when
we visit there. Our "CRUISE & CAST" trips with NCL and RCL visit Great and
Little Stirrup Cayes weekly. Jim and his brothers Percy and Joe plus their
staff of guides with spotless flats boats provide excellent fishing trips in the
nearby waters. Jimmy has a new Lodge under construction on nearby Great
Harbour Island that will soon welcome our clients arriving by air or private
boat for both flats and offshore fishing.
Fire Fighter Chuck Adams, Compton, MD. Winner of the Bahamas "CRUISE & CAST" Bonefish Trip is heading to the Islands to fish with Capt. Mike this year.. Look for the videos and photos to appear here soon..
Our A.F.F.S. Partners on Grand Bahama Island
A.F.F.S. Instructor Simon Bain World Class bonefish guide in Nassau, Bahamas..
       A.F.F.S. will return to exhibit @ PA. FLY FISHING MUSEUM HERITAGE DAY SHOW in 2016..
6/15/14.. A.F.F.S. was at the
HERITAGE DAY Show in Boiling
Springs on Saturday June 15th at the
beautiful ALLENBERRY RESORT on the
banks of the Yellow Breeches. We
enjoyed a great  day outdoors meeting
old friends in the sport and making
some new ones.  Frank Angelo, casting
instructor from central PA. gave a fine
program to the attendees and joined
our membership. Frank operates the
RED TAIL LODGE B&B near McClure,
PA. Welcome aboard Frank..
Bill Haldaman teaching fly casting / fishing classes in Montana
Bill and Camanchee ready for back country cutthroats..
Kalispell, Montana..  A.F.F.S. 
founding member and respected 
casting instructor Bill Haldaman, 
is now giving fly casting lessons 
and trout fishing classes at the 
landmark Montana Sports Store 
Kalispell,  The store has been in the 
sporting goods business since 
1947 and is located near some of the 
best Rocky Mountain fishing waters. 
For more information call Bill 
@ 406-208-9543 or Manager Rusty Wells at the store @ 406-257-752 
Fly Fishing Master Jack Montague (FL) shows PA. Guide Paul Healy one of his many tricks at a Show

1/24-27...Chicago.. CHICAGO SPORTS & OUTDOOR SHOW.. Captain Mike 

Corblies and PA. Guide Paul Healy had our Casting Pond in full use every 

day and gave our "CRUISE & CAST" seminar on the Main Show Stage on 

Saturday evening. We had a good show, made some new friends and 

enjoyed seeing some old ones. As a positive result we arranged to return to 

Chicago (when the ice is gone) to give a "CRUISE & CAST" seminar at the 

DuPage Fly Fishers Club and film some local fly fishing..

1/10-13... Edison, N.J.. GARDEN STATE SPORTSMEN SHOW... This year as

every year for the past 20 plus years we exhibited our growing services

at this long established show. Performing seminars and educating sports

enthusiasts about our sport.. It's always a successful event for A.F.F.S.

A.F.F.S. continues the  win a "CRUISE & CAST" Contest for 2014.
Our "CRUISE & CAST" Bahamas Route
A.F.F.S Director Mike Corblies announced
the winner of the 2013 drawing.  Lucky angler 
Chuck Adams a firefighter from Compton, MD.
won the FREE  4 day trip to fly fish the 
Bahamas on a "CRUISE & CAST" adventure 
May 2014. 

"CRUISE & CAST" trip drawings are available
to all persons attending our action packed 
and informative seminars promoting the 
great "CRUISE & CAST" destinations like 
Belize, Alaska, Mexico, Bermuda, Honduras, 
Canada and the Bahamas. Simply attend one 
of our seminars at a Sportsmen's Show, 
Fishing Club Meeting or Retail Store Seminar.  Enter 
your e-mail address on a ticket and cross your
fingers. The next winner will be drawn on
Christmas Day and will take their trip during
2015. Round trip Airfare from the continental 
U.S. to Miami is included on SPIRIT AIR. The 
wining anglers name will be posted here on 
the American Fly Fishing Schools website.

The BEST last minute gift idea.. We can personalize it TODAY.. Just download and print one..
TO PURCHASE ONE FOR LESSONS OR TRIPS.. Good any time at all A.F.F.S. locations..Click here
 Titusville, FL. A.F.F.S. Director Mike Corblies is pleased to announce a new major sponsor to our activities. CUSTOM GHEENOE BOATS of Titusville, Florida.  Capt. Mike has taken delivery of a rigged up 13' Custom Gheenoe that will be used to help expand our seminar programs in the "SIMUL-CAST POND" Click on the AMERICAN FLY FISHING.TV Channel to watch CUSTOM GHEENOE videos..
Captain Mike hit a sponsor "JACKPOT " @ ICAST in Las Vegas
Capt. Mike in Vegas hit a "Jackpot" of new A.F.F.S. Sponsors..
7/12/13... Las Vegas,  NV. 
Some of our Big News from the 
International Fly Tackle Dealers 
Convention.  A.F.F.S. Director Mike 
Corblies and Randi Swisher, 
Sales & Marketing have reached a 
sponsorship agreement in which the 
Cortland Line Company will provide 
the A.F.F.S.Schools fly lines, leaders 
and accessories for the A.F.F.S. 
educational programs. A.F.F.S. will 
demonstrate CORTLAND LINE 
products at all our events and 

At the combined I-CAST and Fly Tackle
Dealer Convention A.F.F.S. acquired 
sponsor commitments from the following 
Companies executives.
 Emotion Kayaks, Airborn
Inflatable Boats, Daiichi Hooks,

Float Tubes, Yak Gear, 
Caddis Systems, Anglers Sport Group
and Sea Level Fly Fishing..

A.F.F.S. will develop various future 
promotions with these new 
partnerships through Sportsmen and
Boat Shows nationwide using the 
A.F.F.S. "SIMUL-CAST" Pond and
"CRUISE & CASTprograms. These 
Companies will join our current list of
great  sponsors..
A.F.F.S. & members @ several North East Fall Events..
3 A.F.F.S. amigos @ Atlantic City.

12/2/14. Freehold, N.J. A.F.F.S. had an information booth in Freehold, N.J.

on Sunday at the annual "HOLIDAY FISHERMEN'S FLEA MARKET"..  A.F.F.S.. Director Capt. Mike Corblies & Lou Truppi, National Sales Mgr @ SHU~FLY were on hand ..

10/28/14.. A.F.F.S. and it's members were active this Fall throughout the North East U.S. attending and exhibiting their businesses at several events. Starting in September we were at Shows right up to Christmas.  The Fall show circuiit began with the DUCK & DECOY SHOW in Tuckerton, N.J. events in November and December included the ARTS OF THE ANGLERS SHOW in CT., FLY TIERS SYMPOSIUM in Somerset, N.J. and 3


held in N.Y. and N.J. 

A.F.F.S. education program with FREEDOM HAWK KAYAKS @ VA. BEACH Event..
Virginia Beach, VA... A.F.F.S. was
featured at the first run of the AMERICAN OUTDOOR
with our "SIMUL-CAST POND" seminars.
FREEDOM HAWK KAYAKS President, David Rose joined
us for the first time on our event tour. David gave several
in water demos of both FH models to the delight of the
attendees. FREEDOM HAWK has joined the growing list
A.F.F.S. program sponsors participating at our events...
Click to visit the TRAVEL & ADVENTURE SHOW
 A.F.F.S. tried out a new way to introduce 
more participants to our sport. We exhibited at 
CENTERCapt. Mike Corblies, (N.J.) Jack 
Montague (FL.) and Andrew Stiles (VA.) 
performed  fly casting, fly tying, kayaking demos
and discussed our "CRUISE & CAST" cruise ship program
various Schools and trips to A.F.F.S. member destinations. Captain Mike was featured on
FOX TV 5 with D.C. reporter Holly Morris learning how to fly cast and kayak at our Pond..
Capt. Mike and Jack Montague were filmed by NEW TANG DYNASTY TV crew based 
in Washington explaining kayak fishing and fly casting for a program to be broadcast both in the
U.S. and into China..Channel 9 in DC also filmed and used our casting demos for Show 
promotion clips throughout the weekend  plus several travel magazine writers interviewed us
for upcoming articles..Click here to watch us on  FOX TV News.

SPIRIT - A.F.F.S. Partner Airline To Many Of Our Favorite Destinations
Captain Mike Corblies leading a casting class in New York City on the shores of the Hudson..
LAST MINUTE GIFT? We can fill out the names and you can download it today..
 A.F.F.S. "SIMUL-CAST POND" Exhibited at the 
DCU Center

2/8-10...Worcester, MA.. NEW ENGLAND FISHING & OUTDOOR EXPO..  Pennsylvania based Guide Paul Healy headed up an all star A.F.F.S. team to run a successful event for us in New England. Paul put on several casting demos, seminars  and distributed lots of A.F.F.S. member literature and WINGS & WATERS magazines to the attendees. Paul was accompanied by one of our top fly tier members Ken Garten from N.J. Ken demo'd his skills at the vise every day for the crowds. Maine A.F.F.S. members Tom Hamilton, CEDAR RIDGE OUTFITTERS, Chris Russell KENNEBEC RIVER ANGLERS and Captain Dave Geurard, RIP TIDE CHARTERS all gave terrific seminars and maned our display to help make it a great success. Thanks guys..